Is this the only way to get support?

I dont understand I have an issue. have posted about it. and there is no response. everything I see says this is the only place you can get brave support ? but as far as I can see from other posts as well as my own no one is getting support ??

is there any other way to get support from brave ???

This is the only way, What’s up?

I had an error when syncing my wallet with uphold. and have lost 163 BAT. no response from brave. I see other posts with simliar issues. no reponse from brave. I can see corruption error of 163 bat in log file even after recovering wallet.

Hey! Sorry to hear about your BAT loss. The support does the best it can sometimes & the rest of us diligent sentient beings do our due diligence. This thing with the Uphold wallets is sketchy at best , I must regretfully inform ya’ll see me doing my share of due diligence OLD SCHOOL style But free money is free money…sa le ví. As long as my regular monthly contributions are getting paid to the sites/ones I earmarked to receive such blessings/salary/Tips; then I’m good with all that. Course, ** grins sheepishly** I give enough away that I never see 25 BAT in my acct while using Brave for well over 20+ months (see, this is ~ME~ not trying to giveaway my ‘Methusala’ status quo remembering when dirt was still new and such). HMU via email if ya are super distressed & I’ll see about/if I can help or whatnot. Nothing else, Oi! I’ll do a moonlight rain dance for ya or impart my family secret for pocket change spell. It can’t hurt, right? Until later, Take Care of You!!!

Brightest Blessings from Gypsy :crown: Princess!!!


Mine does not have to do with uphold. the bat is gone from the brave wallet alone. please cast a spell or do moonlight rain dance for me!!!

@bakedmuffinman please see our DM.