Why is GPU Process eating up so much memory?

I’m using the most recent version, on an iMac with 64 Gigs of RAM, and I feel like I’m underwater! The mouse is jerky and not responsive, typing is laborious, and the GPU Process is using 6 GBs of RAM, and 95-100% of CPU process!! I’ve tried to force quit it, but nothing happens, I rebooted and it’s still at 6GBs of RAM, but the CPU usage is down to 10% (I also closed the window where I was streaming something, and a couple other tabs. So why is this using so very much RAM? The browser itself is just using about 2GBs…

Description of the issue:
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Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.42.88

Additional Information:

There is a number of things that could cause it

  • Streaming video(s).
  • Any webgl apps?
  • Possibly a browser extension.
  • Possibly another application using GPU resources (taking away from the browser).

What does → More Settings → Task Manager? Try testing in private window mode, also how many tabs are open? Try restarting the computer?

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