Why india is banned?

When can we expect INDIA back in Brave Creators

“It looks like you’re in an unsupported country for Brave Creators with Uphold, so your channels won’t appear as verified. However, once your country is supported, you’ll automatically become verified and be eligible to receive payouts to your Uphold account.”

any alternative ways?

No one knows. They say India is on top priority. If things get better and if we get lucky it could be added in the next 2 - 3 months. That’s no official date, just my assumption.
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It seems to be rather an issue with Uphold. Did you check if another wallet is available to you in India? What about Gemini?

Gemini is supported only for US residents at the moment.

There’s no other options than Uphold / Gemini for Non - Japanese residents.

No, it actually pertains from Brave. It is Brave which has stopped supporting countries because of pushback from rules & regulations and governments in certain regions.

Hmm. That’s weird. Thought to have seen several threads from people that were saying something in regards to their Gemini Wallets in connection with India. I guess, I confused it then with another topic.

Nope, you must have read about people who were connected to Gemini prior to this issue happening altogether. People connected priorly can connect irrespective of the Geo - location.

Who knows, at this point I’m thinking it’ll be a very long time before India is supported. The government there has been making things very difficult. That’s not even counting high amount of fraud that tends to come from India in general.

If you check Uphold’s list of non-supported countries, you’ll find they actually have added India to the list.

The likelihood of India or any country being supported by Brave while being on that list is kind of low. I mean, it’s only for new accounts that is being restricted, it’s not a total ban as is the countries listed on list above, but still it’s a good guideline.

Not at this time.

In India’s case I noticed that support was withdrawn around the same time Coinbase stopped supporting… for these reasons: https://techcrunch.com/2022/05/10/coinbase-trading-reserve-bank-of-india/


im a old user and my withdrawals and earning stats all are paused
“Now im confused with this”

“only new accounts should have issue?”

its beeing around 3 months im missing my earnings and that 56 was struct their itself

im having no issue from uphold side as i can withdraw exchange do anything on uphold
only my brave creators account is not updating its balance and with that warning :frowning:

brave creator from sept 2021
uphold member from oct 2021
and using brave from around 2 years now

That is because only creators from regions listed at

will be shown as verified creators and will get BATs.

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