Unban India's Uphold and gemini wallet

Hi @steeven,

When will brave lift the ban from India.
we are unable to withdraw any funds from past few months.
what is the whole point in encouraging creators without letting them get their payouts.
Brave is here support Creators right then what is the point in putting the ban and Restrictions.?
Is this the right way?
if it is not then help us and guide us in a right way @steeven
what we need is answers and when will you lift ban from India.

A creator and an user of brave.


They’re working on enabling support for Uphold in India, pretty soon. Don’t know about Gemini.
For Gemini, if you had a rewards profile connected earlier then you might be able to reconnect.

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how far is pretty soon?

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Not sure. Like we’ve been hearing ‘soon’ since the last 1 or 2 months. My assumption is by December most likely cause they’ve brought back 11 regions back a few days ago

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lets hope they will bring back India

Even in Africa they need to unban at least some few countries, right now the entire African continent is banned by both Gemini and Uphold not even a single country in Africa is unbanned!!! :man_facepalming:t5:

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don’t expect too much

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