Brave verified creator account for Indian

Hi, I have been using the brave creators account for some months using Gemini to withdraw with no problem, but lately, Gemini isn’t supported anymore and this automatically disconnected my creator account(actually not disconnected, it’s still connected but brave says since my country isn’t supported you can’t be verified anymore). What can I do to fix this?

Uphold isn’t an option since I have once tried it, they took all my bat and blocked it exactly when I wanted to withdraw lol

Is there any other option now or is Brave looking to add an alternative wallet for Indians?

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I have just checked that Gemini is indeed supported for india.

then why I can’t verify myself? for either a Creator account or for normal to link my brave rewards?

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can anyone just reply? please

That’s because India isn’t supported for Verification. That’s more from Brave’s side with the decisions being backed by Uphold / Gemini.

So, there is no solution?

Yes. No solutions other than to wait for Support being brought back.

If it’s backed by Gemini/uphold then why it shows India as supported country when I click on “supported counties list” on brave site.

To check the supported country, brave puts links to Gemini/uphold website for supported regions. And there “India is mentioned as supported country”.

Brave shouldn’t redirect to the websites if it doesn’t want to support India, since websites supports it but not brave itself.

I just the post by mods. I now quite understand the situation now.

Its because there’s a difference. You can still do deposits / withdrawals but Brave doesn’t support India to get BATs there.

They are working on getting India back. Its on top priority.

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