Why i can't save customize dashboard background image

**Description of the issue:

When i want to upload my own picture to dashboard background, I upload it. But when I flush, or open a new tab, the background will be the default picture, not my upload that one!

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. new tab - customize - “upload frome device”
  2. flush this page, or open another tab
  3. you will find the background become the default, not you upload that one

**Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.39.111

Hi :smiley: Just curious, is it working as intended now or are you still having problems? I experienced some glitches too right after the version update but it appears to be working fine now. Is this still a problem for you?

Hi, I still have this problem in my device (Surface Pro 6).

But I founded, when I change another computer, it works. So I think there has some bug on Surface Pro 6.

Just curious if you have any extensions installed? Also, have you tried clearing cached images and files for all time at brave://settings/clearBrowserData? Wondering if something with extensions or cached images/files are interfering or glitched…


You could also try creating a new test profile and see if it works in a new profile. And finally, could see if it works in Beta and Nightly versions. If it is working in those scenarios, it probably isn’t your device.

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No, I didn’t add any extension, I just install new brave browser and upload my background right now. Even I reset my Surface system(windows 11), it also doesn’t work. I didn’t do anything superfluous, I just installed the new browser before uploading the images, that’s all.

Just a moment I tried nightly version(1.41.47), the same problem it appeared again. Similarly, I didn’t do anything superfluous(extension or clean cache)

Tagging @Mattches to see if he can take a look. I’ve run out of suggestions!

Custom background changing using a Surface Pro 6.

  1. Not reproducible using a different computer.
  2. Reproducible on Surface Pro 6 on Nightly version.
  3. No extensions installed.
  4. Tried clearing history/cache for all time and still occurs.
  5. Reset Surface Pro and still occurs.

@Arfeise Can you try creating a new test profile as suggested above and reporting the results? That is probably information that Mattches would be interested in knowing.

Edit: This question is just for my curiosity, do you have a keyboard attached to your Surface Pro? Have you tried to see if the results are the same with and without a keyboard? There have been reported UI issues with Surface Pros when using without keyboards. Wondering if this could be related…

Also interested to see if this works in a fresh profile or not as @Chocoholic suggested. Not seeing this behavior on my end so it may be specific to the Surface.

I tried creating a new profile, it doesnit work.

And I tried use keyboard cover or not(In fact, in addition to the Surface’s official keyboard cover, I’ve even tried Bluetooth and USB keyboards), although touch ui layout have change, but it still affects the background image

Ack, seems like everything points to a Surface Pro problem. :slightly_frowning_face: Sorry the troubleshooting couldn’t help. Would have been nice if it did! Please post an update if you find out anything else. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

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