Why group tabs cant change?

Please bring it back option to change group tabs disable or enable but please no remove setting feature…

Let people changing it…

I want normal tabs nor this group or something like this.

Hello @nexon

check this one

Then they better do something about it quickly as this has angered a lot of Brave users. I personally cannot stand this disgusting grid view, I want the stack view returned asap.

Hello @justsomeone1 and @slyness

I cant understnad why they removed in settings… People will choice which one prefer and they disabled it without any reason any settings. I dislie this new tabs groups or what is this.

@nexon @slyness

brave is based on chrome like many other chromium browser if the chrome change something in the core browser it will be reflected to all

ofcourse there other parts build using brave those parts are the one that would not be affected

and many also did not like the tab group on chrome browser so let us wait and see how things will work

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

@justsomeone1 yeah i know but for example samusng browser (based on chromium also) they have still old tabs not groups… I think brave cant add this setting option…

have nice day you too :slight_smile:

i guess either they still use old chromuim code that still has it or they implement it by them self

so hope either chrome return it or brave do it so everyone be happy :smile:

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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