Only one tab view option?

Haha :grin:…haan bhai thanks :+1:

this is chrome and they even remove the flag option from it

do you have latest version of chrome on android and you have the option or flag to disable tb group ?

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@justsomeone1 ,

Not using an Android device.

And, I do not use Chrome.


Poke! I’m following this too, found this thread while looking for an official answer (none that im aware of, correct me if I’m wrong plz) made an account specifically to comment. I get that systems want to move a UI forward for “progress” but this is ridiculous. Not everyone has a big enough screen for grid view to make sense, and even then, not everyon wants it…

Would really like to know how seriously I need to be looking for another browser, but holding out hope they’ll fix this.

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i primarily use brave for youtube playback feature…that’s the option that i am keeping brave installed. The day they remove this feature, I don’t know which browser i will use. And yes they shouldn’t have remove this tab layout.

This (vertical tab view) was something changed upstream in Chromium a while back but we kept it in Brave. When Chromium 99 came out, the view was removed completely and we had to make the choice between supporting it ourselves entirely (non-trivial) or removing the feature as well.

I believe there are still discussions about re-implementing this view and/or adding alternate view options in future releases. That said, none of this is guaranteed. I’ve asked our Android team to see if there is any other work/considerations surrounding this and if so I’ll be sure to reply here with what I can.

Appreciate everyone’s understanding.


@Mattches thanks for clarity on the issue as always…:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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We do understand your situation.
Hoping for an alternate view option similar to the cascading stack in the near future.

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@Mattches, thanks for replying. Seems there’s quite a few of us users out there that are quite upset about this issue, so if possible it’d be great if you communicated this to the product owner.


Yes, try to revert back that tab layout, or make something new, something fresh, which makes one handed tab operations fast.


something like this…the best layout out there in my opinion.


This was literally the only reason I switched to Brave from Chrome. It’s a nightmare to use the grid layout singlehandedly and the groups are just a general annoyance IMO. Really hope Brave can implement something to revert the tab layout.


Maybe, this tab layout suits one, but I don’t like this tab layout, in my opinion previous tab layout was the best.


yes, Personal preferences varies… lets see what happens with the layout in the near future.

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Thanks for the reply. I count myself among those who found this issue a deciding factor when switching to Brave in the first place. It’ll also be a deciding factor on whether or not I stay with Brave on my mobile phone. For now I’ve downgraded to a past beta. If this feature isn’t re-implemented in some form, I may have to (ironically) move away from the secure browser to maintain a secure browser.


So I switched back to an older version of Brave that still allows the stacked view. a little worried though that it will “update” to the new crappy version with the grid layout. Does anyone know how to turn off the upgrade feature?

Can you tell which version number

Hello @stevep38now

open play store then go for brave page on play store in the upper right corner there 3 vertical dots click on it then uncheck enable auto update

by the way this will not update your browser which would make you vanurable to security issue the get fixed for new version and also would face bugs that get fixed in later release

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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The flag options change nothing, there is no setting in appearance, please bring option to turn of grouped tabs. Grouped are smaller and it’s hard enough to read the labels.

check this one