Why does Brave send all searches to Google by default?

Dear Brave,

Could you please explain the justification for using Google as the default search engine?
If Brave were just another browser that didn’t care about privacy, it would make sense.
But privacy is supposed to be one of Brave’s main selling points. (The word priva* appears twelve times on the landing page.)

This issue has been raised multiple times [1][2] and you have responded [2] by saying the user is free to change the default. My question is how you can possibly justify it being the default to begin with?

I wondered if, like Firefox, Brave is being paid by Google for this?

I would appreciate some clarity on this matter.

Thank you for your efforts. Brave is still my favorite browser :slight_smile:

[1] Why is Google the default Search engine?
[2] Default Search Engine

I installed Brave about 2 weeks ago and I was asked to choose my preferred search engine during the setup. If I remember correctly it was even set to DDG by default.

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@andai for information only

What would be yours?
Would you choose the best or something that kind of works?

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When I first started using Brave, Spygle was the Default search engine. I’ve read or heard that Brave now has a Private Default search engine! :–)

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