As a Progressive Browser, Brave Should feature ECOSIA.ORG as default Search Engine!

Google is Big Tech. GIANT TECH. Famous for tracking and targeting ads.

ECOSIA plants trees with their profits.

Time to level up, Brave!


I think so many people are intertwined and familiar with Google that they’d be expecting Google as their search provider.

I’m with you though Qwant and Ecosia are pretty cool alternatives. I’m not a fan of DuckDuckGo.

But it could be offered as an optional default browser like the several other options provided.

Optional maybe, default no.

Well… Optional default. Right?

Can you put this suggestion through to someone who can make it happen?

Brave is interested in user privacy. Does this search engine respect it? If not, I say no. I already use, which DOES respect privacy.

Yes, they apparently have higher standards for User privacy than the mainstream search engines like google which are more profit-driven.

Thank you for your response.

Brave rocks.

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Please add Ecosia for Default SE on iOS mobile app!

I think it would be better if Ecosia is registered as a verified publisher of Brave so that we can monthly contribute our BATs to plant more trees

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@Pizzadren @CareBear Love that idea! Similar partnerships should be for natural disasters too. Donating BAT to respected charities would be a good addition.

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Please add Ecosia to the search engine list! Thanks!

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