Why did brave send me an ad leading to a blacklisted site?

Give us a brief description of the ads behavior you’re seeing

I got an ad leading me to this URL:

I did click the link but did not reach the URL because:

  1. it was blocked by uMatrix
  2. bypassing uMatrix, it was blocked by adGuard DNS with the following report:

What OS/Brave version are you using?

Brave 1.14.84 Chromium: 85.0.4183.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Revision a81aa729a8e1fd413943a339393c82e7b8055ddc-refs/branch-heads/4183@{#1864}
OS macOS Version 10.15.7 (Build 19H2)

Why is Brave sending me ads that are blocked by multiple other tools/services? I thought any ads I would get via Brave Rewards would be vetted and safe.

Well, you can stop seeing that ads by opting from it in the ads setting. But I don’t know what’s with tradingview though that made it blocked by other services. it’s a legit site for trader and analyst.

Ok, thanks. It just seemed suspicious since tagged by multiple parties, so I was surprised.

I did a little more digging and discovered that a lot of spammers (and worse) use the redirect/marketing services under go2cloud.org. The issue is not with TradingView itself, but with the marketing service they are using for the ad link I received. Check out the web-of-trust reviews found here: https://www.mywot.com/scorecard/go2cloud.org.

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oh I see, thanks for this info.

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