Blocking a website reccomended by brave ads?

I just got an ad but when I click on it. Brave blocks it. The website is
Why is Brave blocking a link to it’s own ads?

Can you show/tell me in what way the site is blocked? On my end, I’m able to visit that site without issue.

It gives the warning sign domain blocked. But why this ad specifically?

The advertisement is called Sourcegraph. Why does this advertisement site start with blocked domain but the rest don’t?

I’m actually wondering if this is due to one of the extensions you have installed in your browser at this time. Can you test visiting this site:

  1. In a Private browsing window
  2. With a new temp. profile

Let me know the results of both.

It gives me the same result.

Can you confirm for me, on any/all profiles, what your Shields settings are configured to?

trackers and adblocking: agressive
cookie blocking: only cross sites
fingerprint blocking: strict
Does the ad lead to domain blocked by default?

Yeah so I think the aggressive Shields setting is only being applied on the resolved domain which might be part of this issue.

but why only that one?

I think it has to do with the fact that it redirects – I’ve reached out to the Ads team for more information.

I will wait for a reply then.

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