Ads popping up on

Hi there, few days ago I started to see ads poping at Here I am attaching a screenshot:

Shields are set to default, Brave version is: 0.68.142 Chromium: 77.0.3865.90.

Thanks for resolving.

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Hi @Petko,

Thanks for writing in and reporting the issue.

Wondering if it’s a 1st party ad (which Brave doesn’t block). I’m not super familiar with, is Trade FX a part of the same company / affiliated org?

Are other ads popping up as well?

Dude I have the Same Issued before it was working fine no adds at all. Now those annoying Adds again I was so used to. Let me know what you did or if you fix it.

The ad is a div element, and will be fixed when we deploy cosmetic filtering.


@fanboynz Great! I hope it will dissapear soon, I am using Brave for quite a long time and I am totally forgot how annoying is seeing the ads! thanks guys
@steeven actually I do not know if they are affiliated. Tradingview is just a platform that pulls the data out of financial markets. So they can be affiliated.

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