Why did Brave jump the gun with Amazon's AWS?


This is also in reference to updates that are pushed globally for different OSs.

I’m not technically adept with back-end - cloud based technologies, however, I know of at least five excellent competitors and I’m sure you’re infrastructure engineers also know about these other providers and I was thinking about it from an efficiency perspective as well as a security standpoint, why didn’t you opt for these and wouldn’t it have been better to have tested other similar and arguably more efficient cloud based technologies along the way as you upgraded and updated several facets of Brave?

Another factor though you may not care too much about this notion which is to say that AWS (Amazon’s internet product) seems to be really widespread and it’s used by so many enterpizes and even governmental institutions use their products and services. I’m not trying to pick a bone for the heck of it but do you know what I mean?

I don’t think Google by any stretch of imagination uses any external service other than their own in-house data centers around the globe but instead of mimicking other popular browsers, couldn’t Brave utilize additional services alongside AWS or drop AWS altogether and use other services permanently for the tag-lined reasons above?

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