Trying to understand differences between Google's FLoC vs Brave's Federated Recommendation Engine

Sorry for the noob questions. I tried to read article on Google’s FLoc and Brave mentioning why they are blocking FLoC but I am not understanding how is Brave doing differently than what Google’s FloC mentions?
Can’t the same arguments not be used against Brave?

Also what is the input data which Brave is taking to come up with recommendations?

Also how are advertisers matched to prospective user’s for how them ad’s?

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They are eerily similar. The same person that was the key architecture for brave ads is the one that kinda helped Google build theirs.
The difference is the way it is handles The categorising. Floc groups you in with others basically snitching you to google. While brave ads keeps it all on your local machine. I feel brave would fall into this same problem. Once brave has too many advertisers it would be hard to roll out their catalogue they way they currently do. They would need to get that data back to better target you. A scenario that brave as a million advertisers I can’t see how the current system can scale.

That’s exactly what my concern is hence the question

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