Why can't I earn tokens even though I view ads? This is the same problem on all my devices

I’ve deleted all browsing history, why is it that I don’t get tokens even though I’m viewing an ad?


Try disabling and enabling back again Brave Rewards.

If it still doesn’t work, then maybe try reinstalling the app.

If I disable ads, will my brave rewards go away?

No, they won’t go away

Turning off and on didn’t work if I want to uninstall and reinstall the app, it will go away from my brave rewards

Did you try looking there:
and there: brave://rewards/

Brave ads are shown hourly, right, but when I click, I don’t get the reward


@mertwix Could you plz say what type of ads are you seeing: notifications, ads in news page or sponsored image?


Do you use VPN?
FOr how long is this happening?

no ı dont use vpn just normal internet

@mertwix For how long is this going on?

It’s been going on like this for a week. It’s happened a few more times in srsda, but it’s not that long.


@mertwix If everything is fine with your wallets, then it’s a problem. You need to send a DIrect Message to a moderator to help you by describing the issue. Jus click on one of the names @Mattches or @steeven.

@steeven @Mattches excuse me

@mertwix send a meassage to Mattches for instance. These are Brave employees. They should help you very soon if they are not too busy.

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