Why Brave Code 25th changes every day?

Why Brave Code 25th changes every day
what is the importance of that
and if it is for security reasons what is it
I can know the 25th word easily by this link :

@Ammar_Ahmed it’s because people were accidentally sharing their phrase and QR codes. So Brave had no choice but to increase the security because of all the dumb people. This is what resulted in the 25th word that changes daily. Originally, it was kept secret and people were expected to pay attention to things and know how it all works.

However, lots of people flooded Community to complain about how they relied on the sync phrase as a backup and lost all their data. They expected it to be permanent and never change. They pleaded with Brave to be able to have a way to get their sync chains back. As a result, they provided the source as you linked so people who were in that situation could get their information.

They have said that this eventually will be going away and Sync will go through another change. No idea if they’ll have another version of a daily changing sync code or what they will be doing…or even when it will arrive. But at least in having the code expire daily, it has one little extra step required and contributes a bit more to higher security.

thanks, man for replaying me
I do not see it as important to change the 25th word
it will be easier to be the same 25 words from when I created the sign code
the dump people will share their codes whatever brave team do
I have lost all my data because of all that shi* when the first time I use Brave I think it never changed but when I enter the code it said it timed out or something like this and I know all things about the last word after I delete the sync code :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, as it says, them providing the code will eventually change. Sync is just meant to link multiple devices together, not to be used as a form of backup. So anyone relying on it for a backup is kind of at fault there. You shouldn’t be hanging on to the code thinking you can use it another day

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