Why awards and bias against all countries don't work

Hello developers brave. Answer, please: why in some countries where USA have introduced sanctions and restrictions you as quickly closed the rewards in the tokens of Brave and no longer available advertising!!! Although you stated that advertising, and rewards will be available to all what the double standard? Did satoshi nakomoto create blockchain and bitcoin for the select few and only did for western countries? Satoshi nakomoto launched this technology financially for everyone and for all to use equally. Also implement decentralized wallets with exchanges so that users could withdraw remuneration through decentralized exchanges.

PS: Don’t make up political excuses: Russia attacked poor, unhappy Ukraine. So we should impose sanctions and restrictions on those who support russia and on russia itself to shut down everything in the world. This is absolute nonsense. It is better to develop and build technology rather than burn bridges in the world of cryptocurrencies.

There are laws. Brave being a US company, needs to follow the sanctions as well as rules & regulations set by the US government.

Where did they say that. They always said ‘Brave is always going to be free to use’. They don’t mention the word rewards.

Right. Brazil is a western country ? Colombia is a western country ? South africa is western ?
Maybe first go through information before making baseless claims.

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