Restricted Regions, Transparency about the WHY please?

You changed available regions on July 12th. I just realized about those changes once i got disconnected from Uphold and just wanted to reconnect again but couldn’t because of your July 12th changes.

1st of all why are you not more transparent about WHY you are restricting once available countries again?
2nd how about finding a way of informing the Brave users that are hit by your decisions (how about within the Brave Browser)?

i am sure there are alot of very frustrated Brave users out there now and since July 12th. Cause they got no explanation and no warning about your latest restrictions (except from within a forum that they maybe do not visit and read regularly).

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Exactly. We all need more than just a news on restriction, we need a clear explanation.

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Reasons have been endlessly discussed in this forum and are reported in many posts.

Basically it is due to regulations. Brave, Uphold and Gemini are American companies under the US law. But to operate in other countries they also have to comply with the laws of each country. Many countries have requirements that make it very difficult to implement. Other countries are simply anti crypto and put all possible barriers in the activity and target foreign companies with legal threads.
On top of all of this it has been identified several fraudulent activities that required banning users from certain countries.

Brave offers rewards. And rewards are taxable in many countries. In order to comply Brave would need to gather info from every user and declare every single reward distribution to the authorities of all those countries… This is not easy to accomplish since every country has different requirements and different procedures.
So, although you may be able to use some of the supported exchanges (Uphold, Gemini, Bitflyer) to buy and sell crypto, you may not be able to receive rewards via them.

Brave is working together with these exchanges trying to find a solution. And it is giving priority to some countries. But this is a legal process that may take months until a solution is achieved and implemented.

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