Problem with Rewards In region

Brazil and others few countries alikely users can’t get Rewards at momment, because under Rules are desactived to receive rewards??

No. Lmao, its got nothing to do with political opinion, mate. Also I guess you should delete that part since it could be against community guidelines.

It is because of rules & regulations of each region, fraud / scams happening and a lot of other factors. Brave is working to get Brazil & India back for verification pretty soon. They say they have everything on track from their side, they’re just waiting on Uphold to give the final Nod (yes) to allow Brazil.

oh, got it. it was Region is currently not supported
In my portuguese image sorry for this.

LLOL sorry about politices. okay thank you!
It was like funniest when i tell with my uncle because i was feeling like a ban by politics when I chosen my part.

They still working to bring Brazil back. Hope it come by next week or next month.

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