Non supported Regions

Why are some countries not supported? And what is the further roadmap for supported regions?

Unfortunately, the whole verification process is very opaque. Without being able to redeem rewards, the usefulness of the browser is significantly reduced. Especially since all rewards are lost if the end device is defective.

The usefulness is the user privacy and ad-block. That is the main advantage and main focus of Brave.

Regarding the supported regions, it is a very complex subject. There are many variables.
As you know, each country has it’s own regulations. Some, or most, governments are anti-crypto and are targeting crypto exchanges. It is very difficult for an exchange or a company registered in one country to be able to offer services in another country while complying with legal regulations of both countries. This obviously affects Brave, as a company, and the custodial wallets.

On top of that, there are technical implications. In order to be able to distribute rewards, Brave is forced to require KYC. Distribution of rewards in the form of BAT has also high network (ethereum) fees. The solution Brave found was to make partnerships with some custodial wallets, Uphold, Gemini and BitFlyer. That is not optimal, but it is, at the moment, the only possible solution.

There are rumours that Brave is working on alternatives and that an announcement may come in the near future.
So, let’s hope that is true and be patient.

However, my personal recommendation is: do not focus on the rewards only. What you can get in BAT per month are peanuts and will never get you rich. You would earn much more in 2 hours of work than what you can get from BAT in a full month.

Good to know. That’s exactly what I meant by more transparency. I know it won’t make me rich. But I use it on all devices. My wife uses it too. It all adds up without having to do any additional work.

Privacy is an important point. But only half the battle.

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