Unsupported country? You people are ungrateful, such a shame

Wow. After using brave rewards by viewing the ad for so many months, now the country is not supported anymore? That seriously doesn’t look good for brave. Seems like now you have got enough revenue and don’t need the support anymore from your users and just randomly stop the commission support. Have some ethics in your work. Thousands of people were part of it, so I think you should reconsider it and make it as normal as before.


Unfortunately this is not Braves doing, but rather the countries law and how Uphold/Gemini need to abide by these laws. You might need to reach out to Uphold/Gemini and your countries government.

I am stilll able to use Uphold and Gemini but all of a sudden i’m not allowed my brave rewards, this argument that its the country’s laws does not hold water

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I did contact Uphold & Gemini and there is no such restrictions based on region and also made sure there is no such restrictions from my country laws as well. It is very clear that restrictions are from brave rewards end and I was told the same when contacted the Uphold team that I should be reaching out to brave support but not them.
Also you need to check other posts here too, lots and lots of people are complaining about it and still being silent and just saying it to the face that the country isn’t supported anymore says how careless they have become now. Seriously not expected from Brave team.

Brave just does not want to give adverted prizes to some users. So they just restricted some countries. My country is member of EU, so there for question:
Does Brave want not to obey GDPR law? If so, then good buy.

Shame on you by not supporting previously working countries anymore.
What is the difference between Austria and Germany? Both are Member of the EU!

As long as I’m not able to transfer or safe/secure my earned tokens, there is NO reason to show any Brave Private-Ads anymore.

So I disabled this feature completely → Just a lose-lose-situation!

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