Why are so many accounts Flagged?

Me too

Another false flag. And my Creators account hasn’t recorded any earnings for months now.

I think I’m done with Brave. It’s not working. It just frustrates me.

Could they at least provide a list of things that trigger our Brave Rewards Profile to get flagged? Does the flagging have to do with having brave rewards on more than one device?

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I haven’t been given any ads in over a month. My account says it is ‘flagged,’ and the only reason I can think of is that I switched from my Uphold wallet to my Gemini wallet. How long does it take for the ‘flagging’ to come off? I’m not really seeing the benefits of using Brave. According to my security suite, it still has to block all kinds of things, regardless of which browser I use. I want to support this project, but ‘Show me the money.’ If you’re offering rewards, they shouldn’t be shut off for no apparent reason. And, the customer should have any easy path to fixing the problem, whatever it is.

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I want to comment to keep this thread alive. Their FAQ advice to keep checking back is vague and unhelpful. We have 3 computers in our household that use Brave and one of them is unflagged but the other two are flagged with no rhyme nor reason, aside from infrequent VPN usage. One of them was flagged only a couple of weeks ago without any change in usage pattern.

What gets my goat is their suggestion not to use a VPN yet they are clearly marketing a product that encourages VPN as a solution (https://brave.com/firewall-vpn/). Sure, it’s not the same platform but that’s still easily hypocrisy: we don’t believe you should be using VPN with our products… unless it comes from our Very Important Product division.

Ultimately, I just want to know why I have been able to connect to my Rewards in the past with my Uphold account but no longer and what I can do to rectify that. I’m sure Brave doesn’t ultimately care that much if they lose users like myself but I really do endeavour to support a company that I thought had its users interests at heart with its mutually beneficial rewards system in place.

TLDR; Flagging is an absolute black hole. We need some real clarity PLUS transparency for flagged accounts with clear calls to action for users and/or Brave support.


Still flagged after 3 months when trying to reconnect to Gemini, why can’t these guys get it together?



We need some real clarity PLUS transparency for flagged accounts

Long overdue.


How is it going? I’m still flagged after at least 3 months… There is no possibility to change that, except to write it here. It is not cool that there is no clear restrictions what to do. Brave was always saying Ads should be paid to the users, but how if I’m not allowed to? Its not much. I want to support the idea of brave, but it feels like scam after 3 months…

Has Brave provided a solution/ETA for this yet?
Been flagged for a while.

@BatUser123 @Exiliuxir @garyeh @cynical2k and whoever else posted lately. Short answer is you need to create a Support Ticket if you’ve sincerely done nothing wrong and been flagged. You do that at https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=360001302431

Also FYI, you may want to check out FAQ I made a while back and had been Pinned :pushpin: by Brave, which actually would have provided this answer and a lot more. You can see it at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers


I was happy with brave and bat, but now I see that a lot of us are being flagged with no reason.
SCAMM as celsius, luna, and so many others… what a shame
bad for crypto community, BIG to be used for bankers to attack the crypto world.

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I’ve been flagged now for over a month. Initially it was just on my devices where I was linked to my Uphold wallet. I just checked on my computer that is linked to gemini and it is now flagged too. This is total BS. I have not idea what I did to get flagged. If this nonsense doesn’t get fixed soon I’ll probably switch browsers. The Brave Rewards was the main draw for me when I was looking for a new browser.

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Ever stop to try to figure out what you’re doing wrong? Or to submit a Support Ticket as instructed in FAQ, by Brave Support, and in my post/comment above?

Hi yes, I actually just submitted a support ticket after reading this thread and writing my post.

I have been flagged since 6/2/22 and still has not been removed.

Been flagged since the end of last month so no BAT awarded and no ads accumulating this month. Frustrated with the lack of information for this issue and how slow it is to be resolved.

I’m not happy about it either.

Thank u! I will try this. I really enjoyed using Brave, and feel very disappointed in them about this right now.

Copy and paste into browser. brave://rewards-internals/

It will show you everything.

Same here. Just ignored people for their “non-trivial bugs” as mattches put it. I was asked if I use a gaming mourse. That was basically as far as my help went before being told to piss off.

Wrong. I was told I was flagged by Steeven although I was still connected. He enabled it, and then I got ads again. 1 month later issues again, no ads in a month, and no asst now.