Why are my windows disappearing or swiping to the side

My Brave windows keep disappearing. Sometimes appearing to swipe to the left and then return. Yes, extension are disabled.

@smuckers25 might help if you explain things like which version of Brave you’re on, which OS, etc. Also more details on what’s happening. For example, is it happening when you’re dragging the window?

Assumed this might be a known issue. It’s pretty weird and specific problem as I can see the window slide left sometimes.
nope, not dragging the window - even if I was that does not cause the window to disappear. Sometimes it just doesn’t re-load after being closed. “continue where you left off”, Sometimes it just slides left and then slides back later.
Had the computer for years, this just started happening within the last month

Version 1.59.120 Chromium: 118.0.5993.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10 - attached find PC/OS information
I think maybe it is a windows thing - I was just messing around with some suggestions online for bringing back a lost window and suddenly the two brave windows are back. Not sure which thing worked. I will continue to problem solve as this might help someone else. For me though it was only happening with Brave, so… is it solely a windows issue or is there some combination of problems

This makes it sound like the browser is crashing. If that’s indeed what’s going on, you should be able to go to brave://crashes and see some info there. If it says Send Now then it means it hasn’t uploaded yet. To get it to upload, you’ll need to hit Send Now and then close the browser for up to like 30 seconds. When you return to brave://crashes you should see Uploaded Crash Report ID next to it. If you can provide that info, it might help support or developers to figure things out a bit.

Yeah, definitely weird. I think hard part of me is I’m not sure how literally to take that description. Part of me is seeing it like you’re reading something and it just starts pulling to the left until it vanishes from your screen. Kind of like you have a dual monitor setup and someone is yanking the content to second monitor.

I do know in the past they have had extensions or other programs which can do things like that as pranks for people. So wasn’t quite sure if that’s happening, or if you meant something else.

And of course the speed/rate of it going to the side is the other interesting part in trying to picture what’s happening. Then of course was trying to see if might give clues on whether it was happening on certain content, like only when watching videos or something.

yeah, right. not really a good description… So…no, it doesn’t happen while just reading or browsing. Usually it happens that I close the app and the window (and all the tabs) won’t reload when I click to open it back up—usually everything just reopens. But, there were a few times that I saw it quickly slide left and for whatever reason I have not determined it would slide quickly back onto the screen.

I checked the settings for dual monitor and other things suggested online that I cannot remember right now - still working on my morning coffee (ha!). I did disable and even uninstalled a few extensions. Since I do not want to waste time, I will be super attentive to what I am doing when it slides left or slides back onto the screen and if that happens within the timeframe before they close this topic I will post again. I appreciate your engaging with me. And in the meantime I will do that crash thing you suggested. Thank you!

there are no recent crashes. hmmm… One from August 15 - which may have been when I first noticed this, but I think really it started happening in September. I did hit send now on the August one.

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