White on White tab labels in tab bar

In the tab bar with the default color settings, I find that the white on gray color scheme for the New Tab label and the + for New Tab button are very difficult to see.
I would like to find a way or have it changed to be black.

I have looked at some of the other color theme’s and not fan of any of them more than the default, so just setting that little color from White to Black would be great.

If there is a fix, then let me know, if it is a ‘bug’, then an easy one to resolve.
ps: Current version of Brave.

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I have the same problem, can’t read the open tabs unless I put the pointer on the tab. It’s like fishing around the top of the screen for open tabs. This almost renders the Brave browser unusable. We really need this fixed!!!

The same problem here. I’m considering using another browser while this issue is not resolved, it’s very sad because Brave has been my favorite browser. Does anyone know of any temporary measures for it?


I think it’s a bug but for now we can temporarily solve the issue by following the following steps:

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