Color Scheme on Selected Tab Label


This is regarding the TAB LABELS which are usually displaced at the top…

I often have like fifteen or more tabs opened. It is very hard for me to close a particular tab after I read its content. After reading tab number #7, I find it difficult to identify and close the actual tab label as all tab labels look similar and it takes time to identify the respective tab from other labels. I find this difficulty in both normal and private mode. Why not have the selected tab label be in a contrasting color, for example, orange background color with white text as in the Brave logo and I find orange label will be easy to be identified among other white labels in normal mode and also, among black labels in private mode.

Thanks !


Hi @bendu15, welcome to community!

Thanks for your feedback and insight! I will pass this along to the team.

Agree completely, this my biggest issue with the browser, that I can’t easy see what tab is selected.

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New user, and this is my biggest gripe. Had to switch to the light mode just to identify what tab I was in. Need much more contrast on selected tab, please.

Is there already a workaround or something new for this?

While the feature isn’t entirely fleshed out yet, it may serve the purpose of anyone trying to better distinguish between tabs to use “Tab groups” – a built in Chromium feature:

Three years have passed and no solution yet?