Color Scheme on Selected Tab Label



This is regarding the TAB LABELS which are usually displaced at the top…

I often have like fifteen or more tabs opened. It is very hard for me to close a particular tab after I read its content. After reading tab number #7, I find it difficult to identify and close the actual tab label as all tab labels look similar and it takes time to identify the respective tab from other labels. I find this difficulty in both normal and private mode. Why not have the selected tab label be in a contrasting color, for example, orange background color with white text as in the Brave logo and I find orange label will be easy to be identified among other white labels in normal mode and also, among black labels in private mode.

Thanks !



Hi @bendu15, welcome to community!

Thanks for your feedback and insight! I will pass this along to the team.



Agree completely, this my biggest issue with the browser, that I can’t easy see what tab is selected.