Button bar is dark - hard to read text

Description of the issue:
This is specifically when in Private Browsing mode.

When you first launch Brave, the New Tab page is shown, and if you look at the button bar, where the Back, Forward, Search, +, Tabs, and … buttons are located, the color for them all is a dark gray, making it fairly hard to see in normal lighting, but almost impossible to see if you’re wearing sunglasses (see the first screenshot). When you open a website either by typing in an address, clicking on an item on the New Tab page, or by clicking a link and initiating Brave that way, the aforementioned issue remains present (see the first and second screenshots).

However, if you open Brave manually and click the Tab button (even with no other open tabs), then go back to the New Tab page, or if you open a website and then close it (returning you to to either the New Tab page or another already-open tab, the button bar colors are now shown in White (see the third and fourth screenshots).

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Launch Brave
  2. Look at button bar color
  3. Visit a website
  4. Look at button bar again - the color has not changed

Expected result:
The color of the button bar text should be easily readable

Brave Version( check About Brave):
1.29 (

Mobile Device details
iPhone 12 Pro Max
iOS 14.7.1

Additional Information:

This bug appears to be resolved in the latest iOS release Version 1.30.1 (

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