Background tabs are in white font

New Brave user here. Using 1.37.109 with Windows 10. In the past week all of my background tabs are in white font so I can’t really read them. How can I get them back to black? Thanks.

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The nothing tabs are spreading. This is what it looks like. Win 10 and V1.37.111 (Apr 5, 2022)

Try this workaround.

That link is to a post in a topic the moderators are monitoring. You might want to track that topic as they will probably respond to any updates there. This is a known issue and a Brave GitHub issue report has been opened. The link to the issue report is posted in the topic if you want to track progress per a solution and not a just a workaround.

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Our thread, here, is what DDG search engine considers the most important hit. Your reply is very appreciated.

OK, great, thanks. How do I choose another color? I opened settings and searched for tab color and got this: “No search results found.”

It is Theme colors under Settings/Get Started/Profile Name and Icon. You would think it would be under Appearance but it’s not.

Direct path: brave://settings/manageProfile

Got it! Thanks so much. Your help was greatly appreciated.

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