Which addons does Brave integrate?

From what I’ve read it integrates HTTPS Everywhere but I don’t know what else it has. PrivacyTools.io has several recommended addons I prefer to use but don’t know if they’ll work or are redundant. They also have additional addons mentioned in this thread: https://github.com/privacytoolsIO/privacytools.io/issues/121

We do everything that HTTPS Everywhere does, most of what uBlock Origin or Ad Block Plus do in their default modes, some of what Privacy Badger does, and a bunch of things that none of them do. Our implementations are generally faster than theirs, because ours are native and theirs are add-ons. We’re going to add something like Decentraleyes, and we plan to get basically complete parity with Privacy Badger and Safari’s Intelligent Tracking Protection 2.0 (I know that last one isn’t an add-on.

Not all of the things we’ve built or the things we’re building match existing extensions, and that’s partly because the browser can do a lot of stuff that extensions don’t have access to.

What components does the adblocking feature use in terms of design & rules, ala uBO or Adblock Plus? Are we able to add rules?

There’s no feature for hand-writing rules. You can use the Shields panel to select which sets of protections are applied to which sites. We integrate the ABP and uBO rules by default.

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