Adding Extensions to android?

I am using Brave on my Android (OS 10). Brave 1.18.78.

Is there a way to add on extensions to Brave on Android? Specifically: Decentraleyes, privacy badger, https everywhere?

I am not technoology savvy. Thank you for any help given.

I have read the article on how to add extensions

I am still having trouble.

Brave for Android doesn’t support extensions.
However, you don’t need Privacy badger and HTTPS everywhere because they are already included in Brave (where they’re called “Shields”).
As for Decentraleyes, I recommend LocalCDN (on desktop): it has many more libraries.

Thank you very much.

Yeah, I think the Shields does the job pretty well and blocks most of the ads and trackers; however, after installed Privacy Badger and ublock on Brave on desktop, found that there are still some trackers that Shields misses ~~ Have already been using “Aggressive” in “Trackers & ads blocking” setting.

uBlock Origin also blocks non-tracking first-party ads, while Brave doesn’t block them because it considers them legitimate (after all, Brave itself uses first-party ads).
Also, uBlock Origin has a very long list of blacklists, and the more lists you choose, the more ads get blocked, no matter if they are third-party or first-party. However, those lists require more CPU and slow down your browser.
On a rough estimate, I’d say Shields blocks 85%-90% of what a standard configuration of uBO would block, but it doesn’t slow down your browser because it’s integrated and optimized. Besides, you can report the websites that don’t work properly. If you want to block the remaining 10%, you can install uBO or, like you said, you can switch on the “aggressive” mode.
That being said, I consider uBlock Origin the best extension ever, although it becomes useless with Brave.

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