Brave Privacy extensions

With Firefox I have:

  • HTTPS everywhere
  • ad Guard
  • Decentraleyes
  • Privacy Badger
  • auto cookie clean

What extension don’t i need for Brave?

A member of the team can correct me if I’m wrong but I think the fundamentals of every one of those extensions is currently implemented and will constantly be in the process of research and enhancement with the exception of *Decentraleyes, so you may only need 1 out 4.

Out of interest, why do you bother with two dedicated ad-blockers?

As for auto cookie clean there’s the issue below to bring back a similar Muon (their older fork) functionality if that helps and I believe it will come sooner than many other requested features.

thanks for response.

Brave does seem to have HTTPS everywhere built in. There are some tracking cookies Privacy Badger seems to get that Brave misses.

I turned off Ad Guard as Brave seems to do the trick

I have asked similar question before.
But to answer your question, HTTPS Everywhere is built-in in brave. You do not need Adguard as Brave already has an adblocker. Yes. Privacy badger for cookies is OK. But already these cookies can be managed the same way by Brave itself, i guess. Only Decentraleyes has a different purpose. Can be added. Please check here.

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