Where is the disable video autoplay setting?

Where is the disable video autoplay setting? This is present on my Windows desktop installations but not on Android, yet both are based on the same core version of Chromium.



Go to Settings,
Scroll down to Controls. Background video playback is the second option

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That’s not the same, it just stops the tab playing when it or the browser is in the background. It doesn’t stop for example YouTube or any sites embedding a video from it starting immediately it is displayed. On the desktop browser it’s specifically states “auto play”.

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This is an essential feature for me as well. It’s important to be able to conserve my data while I’m traveling. I’ve seen a number of posts asking for this feature and all of them have been closed with no answer. Do the devs ever read this forum or is it only other users?


Yeah, feels like they just don’t care that much… :frowning: Starting to suspect this is just a diversion from your posting “reviews”, reporting problems, and rating app in the Play Store.


They do but don’t respond often.

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I also came here wondering that exact question. I think google removed the option from chromium android some time ago (for reasons that elude me). It would be nice if the Brave team could add it back.

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We have an open issue to re-implement the Autoplay permission option:

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