Global disable autoplay?

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I figured out how to disable autoplay videos on a per site basis.

How can I do it globally?

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quick answer: add the AutoplayStopper extension —

detailed answer / some history: Brave is built on Chromium. (You may already know this.) Until mid/late summer 2019, users could edit a flag that controlled autoplay policy. Mid/late summer 2019, Chromium (and hence, Brave) deprecated this flag. The result: users no longer control autoplay. The explanation from Google: enabling advertisers to “engage” browser users. I installed the AutoplayStopper extension to minimize this “engagement”. It’s worked well for me. When this topic comes up in discussions, I’ve not seen any negative comments about AutoplayStopper.

Recently, a Brave moderator suggested Brave may have a fix in the works. Maybe. The Brave moderator then closed discussions of this issue.

Brave is free. One consequence: users rely on other users for support troubleshooting and fixing problems. I can understand shutting down random complaints; shutting down discussion of real solutions to real problems is … questionable.

Installing AutoplayStopper fixed the problem of uncontrolled videos for me and reportedly for others. YMMV.

Thank you!

I got the site specific stuff to work, but did not want to have to do them all one at a time.

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