Is it possible to disable Reading list section in Brave mobile?


When I open brave on my smartphone, then select “bookmarks”, I’m always annoyed by the fact I then have to choose between “Reading list” and “Mobile bookmarks”.

Is it possible to remove “Reading list”, so I get my bookmark pages right away when I select bookmark ? I’ve been through all the settings, but could not find on that matches what I need.

Brave version: Nightly 1.53.10
OS: Android 11

Thanks for your help.

Doesn’t seem so. Sorry. I’ll tag @saoiray to see if there is something which he knows of. Thanks!

Agreed. Very annoying.
I think there used to be a way of disabling this via ://flags, but has since gone away.

Type http://brave/flags and press enter.
When response appears, type Reading list and press enter.
When a drop-down option list appears, select Disable.
Close Brave and reopen. Selecting bookmarks should go straight there.

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