Where is problem when get bat from friends

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If your account is under review, you were flagged due to suspicious activities detected by our automated system. If you are cleared, you will receive all BAT due to you in the following payout period.

Please note this is not an active support address, and emails unrelated to suspensions will not receive a response. For general questions, please visit the Brave Community at community.brave.com.

In order to get your account cleared, we will have to review your account data. Before we can do so, we need to hear from you about a few things. The account review process will begin as soon as you answer these questions for us (please provide as much detail as possible).

  1. How did you solicit tips / contributions / referrals? What were your methods for doing so?
  2. Do you believe that there’s anything you did that may have accidentally triggered our security checks?

We’re happy to answer your questions about this process. Please be aware, however, that we cannot reveal specifics about which activities trigger our security checks.

The Brave Publishers Team

If your account is under review, you should have received an email informing you to contact us at suspensions@brave.com for further assistance. Please reach out to us there and remember that we get 100s - 1000s of support tickets every week and reviewing each account may take some time.

We appreciate your patience.