BAT Flagged becuase of lots of tips?

how long would you hold my BAT?
its almost a month since my account was suspended!
i already sent a my explanation and provide some screen shots of someone who sent tips on me to clear my account and be reviewed.
until now i dont have any message came from you suspension@brave?
i dont have any clear answer came from you about this kind of matter.
you gave us a hard time thinking about this matter.
because of large amount of tips came from someone then after we notice our account may suspended/flagged BAT. when the 1st week of the month, when the 1st week of payout!
what is the problem here?
The BAT price is so high at the moment so we need that BAT to help our financial problems because of this pandemic.
i hope you will understand my problem.
im looking forward to fix my problem soon.
thank you!

I also lost my approve 457 bat because of account suspension and they never unbann PLZZ help me also …I also facing the same situation plz help