Where is my referral link



I lost my referral link because when i activate the referral promo, browser was crashed.
so activation has done, but I have never confirmed the link.

Where do I look for my link?
Is there anything special I need to do?


Looping in @asad for assistance.



Hi @zak,

You can check from https://publishers.basicattentiontoken.org/.
There, next to your properties (channel/website) should be a Referral link button,


yes, I know.
But in my case, there is no button and printed only “BAT value on current period” :frowning:
What should i do??


Hi @zak, are you still unable to find your referral link?

Can you please provide a screenshot of your dashboard for us?


well… it is no change. same as before.

and then I tried to remove my site to remake another account, but nothing has happend.
afther that, the remove button also disappeared.
It seems like I can not delete my site in current account. :disappointed:


Hi Zak,

Thanks for letting us know. We’re looking into this right now and will let you know once we have identified the problem.

Asad @ Brave



can you please PM me your email address so we can look into your account?

Thank you.


Asad I need your help my brave browser wont connect to my uphold account tried 10 diffrerent times, I made a recording of my screen. ok lookslike i cannot sent vid

(removed image to protect users’ personal information)



(removed image to protect user’s personal information)


@biggwb, please see this thread Can't reconnect Brave Payments to my Uphold account



hi @biggwb, please PM me your Publishers email address so i can add you to a list for our team to investigate :slight_smile:


Hi @biggwb

Just an FYI - I removed two of your images since they had identifying information in them. You can share via direct message with @asad if needed.



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