Help! Not getting referral link, it has been more than a week

I didn’t get my Promo referral code. Please review my account ; .
It has been more than a week .
Please help @cory @steeven

Their is no referral program for new users…so don’t wait for it

Hey I have it started using Brave 6 months ago and I tried for referral but no link. So, please help me @cory @steeven

Ohh kk…my bad

@Kushal909 it looks like you haven’t completed KYC with Uphold.

I will check it. For getting referral link uphold should be verified @steeven ??

@steeven Please provide me referral link as brave is going to stop referral program.
Please I request you. I have KYC verified from another account now please provide me referral link.
Registered gmail is;
Help @steeven

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