Support Staff Pls Help - Creater Referral Program 🥺

I’m not getting the invite referral link when I login to my ( Brave Rewards | Creators ).
But I have received a mail from Brave browser, which contains invite link & it also mentioned the link would be available when I login to my creator account within 24 to 48 hrs. But till now nothing has happened - more then 4-5 days passed.
Can anyone help ?

Please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks!

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See I’m getting it like this, even no referral link here -

Any update ? @steeven

Thanks @AkshayGaonkar19 - when did you complete KYC with Uphold?

Verified on 28-08-20. @steeven
Something wrong with my uphold account ?

I have been waiting, Can anyone help pls ? :sleepy: @Aa-ron @steeven

Will the community staff help ? @steeven @Aa-ron @Mattches

No response / solution.
Any update of what’s going on ?
I’m able to see nothing.
@steeven @Aa-ron @Mattches

Hi @AkshayGaonkar19 - @Mattches has filed an issue for you with the BAT Dev team to review the cause of this.

Ok, any idea until when it will be alright ?
Please update me when done. @steeven

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