Can't reconnect Brave Payments to my Uphold account


Dear community,

I found a similar topic in this forum which got closed without answer.

Not sure if that matters, but I’m using Manjaro Linux and Brave 0.22.810 (same problem with latest firefox).

What I did was trying to change the preferred withdrawal currency from EUR to BTC. That is where I first noticed that error message. At that point my Brave Payments dashboard still displayed that is was connected to my uphold wallet. But still the error message kept appearing and the preferred currency would not change. I thought it might solve the problem if I unlink it and relink it. I unlinked from within uphold and just removed Brave Payments from the authorized applications. From then, I can’t relink to my uphold wallet and everything looks like in the screenshot.
When trying to relink, I get sent to uphold to authorize Brave Payments. After clicking authorize, I need to authenticate with Authy (2FA app) and then I get sent back to what you see on the screenie.

Will I still be able to receive BAT from visitors of my site?

Thank you a lot for your time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Where is my referral link
Can't connect Brave Payments to Uphold

+1 on this. Maybe another bug with the new publishers site design? I got the new ‘confirm your deposit currency’ popup and then the system wanted to reconnect with Uphold but it just constantly gives me the same error message in the OP’s screenshot when I try to connect. I’ve tried logging out of Uphold and back in again but that didn’t help.


Looping in @asad for assistance on the publishers side of things.



hi @adaptief, can you please send me a PM with your account email address? I can help look into this issue for you personally.

Is it possible to link two publisher accounts to one Uphold account?

Hi, my account is having the same issue where it can’t connect to uphold. I’ve tried different browsers and different networks. Can you please assist me with this issue?


hi @ERoland, please PM your publisher email address along with the browser + OS that you are using !


I have two accounts and they are both showing this problem. A few days ago the Uphold links were good, now both of them error out with the same ‘There was a problem connecting with Uphold’ message


Anyone facing this issue needs to PM me their Publishers email address, please. I am putting a list together for the team to look at. We will get back to you as soon as possible!


Sent my email to you @Asad


I have the same problem, I SENT my email to you @Asad, help me too…


Connections to Uphold should be functioning again. Please let me know if you are still having difficulty connecting your accounts!



Its Ok again, Thanks, hey @Asad, the refferal promo of Publishers on Brave Payments Its ended? The promo pays our youtube channel 5 $ for each person that use brave across 30 Days… When ends The Promo?


The promo will continue for awhile longer – at the very least, through the summer!


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