Not getting Referral Link πŸ˜‘

When I login to creators account, I’m not getting the referral link - so I can’t invite people.
I’m also not getting the referred statistics - it’s totally blank.
It’s more than 5-6 days I have verified my uphold account successfully.
I have been waiting for a solution since 2-3 days :confounded:

Can the support team help ? Pls
Expecting a solution :frowning:, thanks
@Aa-ron @Mattches @steeven

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Apologies for the late reply – can you confirm for me that you’re still unable to see this referral informaiton, or has it been resolved?

@AkshayGaonkar19 - have you completed KYC with Uphold?

Still unable to see, no referral link & stats too. @Mattches

Yes done with KYC, almost 10 days back. @steeven

Hey there @AkshayGaonkar19. Do you have you publishers email handy? We’ll need to check your account to determine what is happening.

Ok, my registered email. @cory please have a look

Would be thankful if you share any update please. @cory

Would be thankful if anyone responds :expressionless: @Mattches @cory @Aa-ron @steeven

Hey @AkshayGaonkar19, can you try removing and reverifying your channels? We fixed something on our end.

i have the same problem @cory my email is

Can you do the same?

I just did it but I still don’t get the links friend

Initially I got 0 people in referral section (I had referred 1 friend), which was incorrect. Then I removed channel & added again. After that stats were displayed correctly. :heavy_check_mark:
But still no Referral link
I’ll attach a pic through mail. @cory

I received a mail containing the referral link just now, I received earlier as well. But it dint show in, when I logged into my creators account (even after 48 hrs).

So it’s working now?

Stats shown correctly, but no Referral link there yet.
& When I click on uphold it shows me duplicate cards each of twitter & youtube channel.

in my case nothing happens everything remains the same @cory :pensive:


Tried connecting & disconnecting everything ?
Try uphold wallet too. Disconnect & then connect back, see.

Are you telling me to also disconnect the wallet?