I NEED HELP, i cant use my referral link

y two referral links doesn’t work well because it sends me to a “not founded page”. What could i do?

@gilbertgmd Can you please try now. Referral links are working fine without any issues. Please revert back if yu face the same issue.


Hi, sorry but still doesnt work

My referral link doesn’t work too. I know that people download Brave via my website but I haven’t seen them on my referral promo graph. Could spmeone help me please?

the same thing is happening whit me

@gsarvadnya could you help us please? :confused:

@HarryHaller @gilbertgmd Would you mind sharing the referral links? I can try out from my end and let you know.


Hey, thank you very much, I have resolved this, my referral link works, but my referral link via Google Ads has stopped. I think it’s supports decision about my campaigns. Regards.

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@Mattches could you send me your regulations about Ads? Have I lost my referrals directly from Google Ads? Can I advertise my website but not directly referral link itself? I think you should write me about this, I think it was unfair, I have asked about it many times and now I have lost my money. I really need to know what kind of ads you don’t support. Could you send me clear advices? I have decided stop advertising Brave now, but I would like to advertise my website, I would like to use Google Ads and Facebook Ads but only to my website, not to download page. I think you should send me advices before I had lost my money. I have asked about it so many times…


high probability you eat ban …
thousands of people advertise and try to get five dollars…

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