Sites that can always use cookies -- Cannot delete entry from list

Just what the subject line says.
I click on the little garbage can icon, and nothing.

Go to the individual sites from the lists and turn on the ad-blocker (shields). By doing, it will empty the list on which the garbage icon does nothing.

You turned shields off for the sites, so the sites can store cookies indefinitely.

The same topic was discussed awhile on this forum. If you need more info about, try to find it from my profile.

That works for all but one, it’s not the real answer.

Can you tell me in what file the list is kept so I can edit it outside Brave (with it not running)?

Still a bug.

Clicking “reply” to keep this bug alive.

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I think I may have found the solution.

Go to clear browsing data, all time, in it select site settings. It will clear your site settings (meaning that you turned Off brave shields for the sites.)

Not a solution because there are other site settings I want to preserve.

It is a bug that needs to be fixed.

@Passenger ,

In a New Window, go to: brave://settings/siteData

Remove all sources (example:

Go to: brave://settings/cookies

Enable: Block third-party cookies

Disable: Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows

Attempt to remove all: Sites that can always use cookies

In a New Window, visit the problematic website – that is a source of cookies that you still cannot remove.

Right-click on the Padlock icon at the left end of the URL address field.

Scroll down in the resulting pop-down window, to . . . and click on . . . Cookies

A “Cookies in use” window will display (example using the Brave Community website):

Notice that there are Allowed and Blocked tabs.

See if you can Remove the undesired source of cookies, therein.

I have already fixed my own deletion problem, but it’s still a broken feechur that needs to be fixed.

Clicking on the garbage can next to the entry should do the trick (as it does in all other cases), or it’s broken.

I would say it is a ‘bug’ which needs to be fixed.

If brave shields (via lion icon) can change browser settings freely, then from the settings menu, brave shield should be changeable per site.

Add your domain here brave://settings/cookies in ‘Sites that can always use cookies’.

Then Turn On ‘Clear cookies and site data when you close all windows’.

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