Help - Cookies on v. 1.66.115

Description of the issue: With the newest update, we can no longer delete single website cookies, or see what websites have cookies on our device. I even went to my AppData folder and there is no folder for cookies anymore. I cannot even whitelist my websites to keep cookies because I don’t know which URLs are the right ones to keep (ie. wouldn’t keep me logged in if I whitelisted it)

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open Brave 1.66.115
  2. No select cookies to delete
  3. Open AppData > Local and see if you have a Cookies folder

Expected result: Cannot find site by site cookies.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.66.115

Additional Information: If we can make requests to have this feature back, that would be greatly appreciated. I want to know what sites have cookies on my computer so I can delete the ones I don’t want while keeping the ones that I do. The idea of having to manually whitelist and do trial and error of the correct URL extension seems burdensome on your users when the previous method worked just fine and allowed for transparency on the files from the browser.

@jnag really helps if you can try to search similar topics. For example, two things I’ve replied to are below. (Second one probably better for you to click and read)

I also want to point out these changes were made several versions/months ago. So it’s weird you’re typing like this only just happened.

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