Whenever i open a website it first shows connection is not secure than shows connection is secured when the website loads

When i opened a website just now i saw that when i clxik on any website it shows it is not secure and when the website opens it shows secured.what is this?
It started just now when i opened a website

It’s like that with mine and very slow

Are you using windows?
Is it common or only i am facing this issue?

I have a Oppo A16s android 11
It’s so bad
Think I will go to iphone . What phone is best?

I am facing this issue on my pc but i dont know is it normal or only i am facing this issue

@Mattches @steeven please look into this issue

Yes, I’ve noticed this too on all Brave versions on all devices, and often wondered why.

Can anyone share an example site where they see this behavior?

Every website i open on my pc

@Mattches With me, its every site I visit. Type any URL in the address bar, hit return and we see an exclamation mark which turns into a padlock once the site loads. See attached using brave.com. Its always been like this as I remember first noticing it (on all versions) when we activated the SSL on our website. I kind of expected to see a padlock but guessed perhaps this was intentional behaviour while the browser checks websites as they load (even when cached).

Which website specifically? @Donkja

@fanboynz - as @Donkja mentioned, its happening with every website. The example I posted uses Brave’s website.

Yeah it happens with every wensite i visit even brave and youtube it first shows website not secured and when it loads it shows secured

I don’t think there is any issue here. It’s just the icon changing and loading. You can see the same behavior in Chrome (it is a different icon though) as well:

but in mine it first shows that warning sign and when the website loads it becomes secured

Again, I do not think this is anything to worry about. I think its simply the icon switching between states.

are you sure it isnt anything to worry about because when i open any website it shows dont share any personal info?

@Donkja @LovelyLisa @Mattches @fanboynz this guy found a fix (its in English after the Spanish)

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