Site connection status isn't very helpful

When the site connection status (padlock icon to the left of the site URL) states:

“Your connection to this site is not fully secure”

That information is worthless without telling me WHY (the $%^&*) Brave doesn’t consider it “fully secure”.

I know the site’s certificate is valid - at least that’s what Brave tells me.


Clicking on the “learn more” link tells you nothing. It doesn’t even mention “not fully secure” at all.

@BearGFR ,

Often, a problem is the result of some item in the web page; and something about that item and / or a web server that is the source for that item, is not secure.

Sometimes, when that is the case, a Reload of the web page might improve things.

Well gosh, I certainly hope that the problem is “caused by something” instead of just manufactured out of thin air.

My problem is that Brave doesn’t tell me WHAT is causing it.

In my case, it’s happening on a web site that I own, and would have the ability to correct, if only Brave would tell me WHAT it doesn’t like.

@BearGFR ,

passive mixed-content image

Is an example, where sometimes a reload of the web page, causes the RED field with WHITE exclamation point, to change and return to being the expected padlock.

You’re not getting it. Would it really be that difficult to expand that “site is not fully secure” message to also include the reason it’s being generated?

Could you provide a link to the site? Also, do you have your Shield set to upgrade to HTTPS? If not, I’m wanting to assume that might be all it is. As usually those warnings pop up just because it’s on HTTP instead, meaning data isn’t being securely sent to and from that website.

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