Brave dev 0.64.40 Chromium 74.0.3729.61 (Official Build) dev (64-bit) BUG report

I just updated to the current dev release and wanted to report a couple bugs.

I got 60BAT to use to reward publishers but two things happened.

  1. The total amount listed is 60.5Bat. But the remaining amount listed is 13.6BAT. The rewards summary page lists:
    a) Earnings from Ads (60.5BAT) - this is incorrect as the earnings from ads should be .5 and the 60 a one time GRANT. (This isn’t the bug btw just a comment on reporting inaccuracy).
    b) Auto-Contribute -6.9BAT (here is the first bug - I never sent anything in auto-contribute - just 1 time Tips). Also If there is anything on the auto contribute list I will be darned if I can’t find such a list so I can remove any auto payments.
    c) One-Time tips - 35.0

Here is where the bug is. Based on the above 60.5-6.9-35.0 I should have 18.6 BAT left in my wallet but in reality the wallet is reporting 13.6 BAT?

It would be nice if there is a BAT accounting tool in the rewards so we can see where this BAT comes from and goes to. We also need to be able to click on the Auto-Contribute and see what is set up there so it can be edited. A report on the one-time tips would be nice as well.

The one thing I think needs to be distinguished well is to differentiate what we earned vs. what we have from one time grants that will run out. (i.e. Earnings from ads should show us what we earned and Grants should list what we have in grants as well as expiration dates on those grants so we can make sure to use them before they expire). The big issue here will be connecting autopay to the grant side of the wallet and isolating the rewards side. People will get miffed if an errant set up auto-pay gives away their earned BAT vs. their granted BAT.

From what I can see this whole Rewards wallet needs a reporting and functionality revamp.

I understand this is a dev version so I expect bugs and changes. Not upset here in anyway just reporting bugs that I’m seeing. I think my biggest annoyance was an Auto-contribute popping up that I did not select and hope it doesn’t eat all of my grants. :frowning:


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@BraveAnt Thanks for reporting. Could you take the screenshot and paste in the issue, please?


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