Biderectional BAT wallet


It has come to my attention that the BAT wallet for the rewards is unidirectional and this has been a feature of brave since the start. It seems weird to me that if i can trade BAT in coinbase but i cannot send my rewards into coinbase feels like a scam. I believe there is something that the brave developers could do in oder to be able to send the BAT rewards to coinbase. Brave Rewards should either be a) be traded to another cryto b) used for Brave Gift Exchange or c) exchanged in cash. I don’t see how this hasn’t been sorted out yet and to me feels like an excuse of some kind in order to make profit. Nobody knows why the crypto market is so volatile but if non of the analyst understand the basics, burning BAT is unnecessary.

If you can trade BAT in Coinbase as trading. It only makes sense that Brave should be able to send BAT to Coinbase, or let Brave pick option b), or c).

@spacecatbro I won’t flag this post because you are new to the community. But please stop throwing words like scam around just like that. A bidirectional wallet is in the works but understand that iPhone are yet to have reward. The android reward program still has features yet to be added. @spacecatbro welcome to the community.

if this is an open project i would love to get my hands dirty for little bit

Also, thanks for the warming welcome

like for real, is been a year. Flagging the post because something is logical after there has been several threads about this , is not that hard to make a python function

It was the language used that made me want to flag it


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