All rewards recived

After waiting for 2 weeks I have recived all BAT that I have been missing on my two accounts.
Kudos to brave team. I know they have been overwhelmed with requests and problems in last 2-3 months. And with all that soon linking device limit will be removed + Gemini on android.


Great to hear! Cheers

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Thanks for posting that update. The team from Brave deserve some kudos from time to time for busting their butts to help us out!

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bruh i do not got them till now .Iam a uphold user. what should i do now.

i think a different way to look at it might be that brave should not be pushing out buggy software that’s causing thousands of people issues and requiring people to post on the forum about the same issues multiple times a day in the hope a mod notices and manually tries to fix the problems their software has caused whilst offering no communication whatsoever to the hundreds of others who dont receive that privilege and are stuck in limbo through no fault of their own.

also, please remember that brave makes money by sending targeted ads to it’s users, so specifically “helping us out” could arguably be seen to be a little short-sighted.

glad to hear you got all your bat though @vintersorg25 . hopefully everyone else will automatically get theirs, too.

Wait. I don’t have mine either, but they are working on the issue.

I must admit, even though I wasn’t hopeful, and despite tooking longer than the typical 5 days window, I too received them.
Finally Brave. I just hope you have figured it out for good the backbone of rewards between Brave, uphold/gemini, and us.