When searching in Brave, results are UK based and not US where I live

Whenever I search for, or research, items for purchase I receive results from UK websites only, not from the US where I live. I can’t seem to find anything in setup to specifically point to where I live. Language is setup correctly.

Go to https://search.brave.com/settings

And change your region to US. Most likely that will solve the issue.

Been looking for this topic for some time. Changing regions does not change the results location skew. Eg changing to German, say, vice preferred US still results in primarily UK returns.

In that case, go to brave://settings/languages and check whether “English (United States)” is in position one.

For example, the order should be as follows if you’re based in the US:

1. English (United States)

2. English

3. English (United Kingdom)

The languages listed under “Preferred languages” in Chromium-based browsers are commonly used by websites to determine what is displayed to the user. The order is important, as websites will appear in the first language in the list that they support and will then fall back to the ones further down the list if the top languages are not supported by a particular website (hence why multiple English languages are listed).

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Thanks for the reply. While English, as a specific choice, is not an option, English (United States) has always been the primary selection. English (United Kingdom), then English (Canada) follow. I wouldn’t have thought anything other than the selected language would affect search results.

Update: regretfully, had to give up using Brave search as nothing convinced it I wasn’t in the UK.

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